Clearpath Iphone And Ipad Medical App Review

10 Nov

The zoom level is a bit misleading, as once you get to around 8x zoom, the detail doesnt change from there to 40x, the image just gets blurrier. The screenshots below will give you a better idea of this. One of the frustrating issues with the app is that it requires an internet connection to download the images as you browse them. People with slow connections will be punished for being cheapskates.–I-SKIN-CANCER.html People using mobile data will feel the angry wrath of the 3G/4G gods. As a rough guide, each section in the index seems to range from 5Mb up to 60Mb. There is an option in the main page to download the images, so its possible to do so at home. Theres a glossary section which doesnt seem to be working properly yet. Choosing something from the list only shows the text explanation, and no slide or image. Given that this is primarily focused on being an atlas, an image with the text would be ideal.


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